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Cumulus Media’s news/talk KLIF-AM (570) Dallas is adjusting its format to all-news in mornings, anchored by Amy Chodroff from sister WBAP-AM (820) with Dave Williams, formerly of Merlin’s WIQI-FM (FM News 101.1 Chicago). That pushes local morning talker Jeff Bolton off the schedule. All-news will also occupy 4-7pm, sending talker Chris Krok into evenings. 10 a.m.-1 p.m. is manned by talker Glenn Beck, 1-4 p.m. is Dave Ramsey. There will also be more frequent news drop-ins, even during midday talk shows.

KLIF’s three-month trend with 6+ AQH shares in the Arbitron PPMs was 0.4-0.5-0.7. The Cumulus strategy is apparently aimed at CBS Radio’s news KRLD-AM (1080), which offers news 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and talk the rest of the time. KRLD’s three-month trend-line is 1.9-2.3-2.5. The Dallas Board of Radio-Info.com is talking about KLIF, here.


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I don't know what they are thinking. I don't want to listen to news all the time so I'll be tuning to AM 660 KSKY for my drives to & from work. The "news" I heard these dweebs talking about the other morning was a story about "Sugar the cat" (or something) that fell 19 floors out of a window & was able to walk away. You know, the 9 lives & all. Are you kidding me?!? This is their "news"? KLIF, you lost me after 9 years.


The new format is horrible!!!!!!  KILF has been the only station I've listened to for years as I drive to work in the morning......I turned it off yesterday, tried again this morning, couldn't stand it.  You lost me.....ABC news is not the way I want to start my day. 


This is a Horrible decision!! The Cumulus strategy is Fing dumb.!!!!!! Don't touch the Ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Bolton was a relief from the news. A square opinion on LOCAL things. What in the F are these guys thinking???

nothing local but the Fing traffic. What a bunch of corp suck ups!!! Bring is show back , this new one is outrageously horrrrrrrible!!!!!


I wasn't a big fan of Jeff Bolton but I listened anyway to hear about local issues and public opinion. Then I stayed tune to hear Glenn Beck at 10:00. Now I'll switch to Mark Davis on WBAP and catch Beck at 9:00 on my iphone, XM, or internet. If I wanted to be bored in the morning I'd listen to KERA. Or read The Dallas Morning News again.


Sister station WBAP is already a news format, so you are telling us that you are going to compete with yourself.  That is so much like self-gratification.  So why change the BEST talk-radio station(format) in north Texas?  Perhaps kow-towing to the politically-correct left?  There is no local Talk-radio station now in north Texas.  After 15 years of listening to KLIF I will have to switch...probably to KSKY but Bill Bennett' s morning show is national and I want local.  When I want national I go to Rush and Sean...see ya'.  srk  

sheleen jaymes

I used to wake up to Jeff Bolton and the great "debate" on issues. Now I hear crap! I moved my pm radio to ksky when the Wells report moved now I will move my am listening as well. I think this was a very bad decision. When do the listeners matter? Miss you Jeff, and John David!  Hello 660.


KLIF doesn't care what anyone in the audience thinks.  Jeff Bolton's show was giving the corporate string-pullers ulcers and they decided to get rid of him. 

After the all blah-blah all the time show sinks in the ratings, it will change to all sports or all cooking or something else.

If one day you turn 570 and hear 24 hour mariachi music, don't be surprised.  It's happened before.



they lost me too hear i come 660 k sky


THIS IS TERRIBLE!! my rides to and from work will never be the same. Bad decision corporate people!!

Cecile Carson

I echo all of the above comments!! I want to hear discussion about local issues, not regurgitated news sound bite stories!  I've listened to the new WSTJ whatever--BORING!  (I'm still mouring the loss of Darrell Ankarlo...five years ago! Y'all are right--no KIF for me.  Exceptions would be Dave Ramsey and the hippy car guy; sorry, can't remember his name!


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