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What happend to ct thongklin kmtv omaha?

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C.T. went to work at RFD-TV.

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Why don't we see many stars at night in danbury ct

comedians you are not. you can see stars at night in danbury, but you have to look late when all the lights from downtown are off. no clouds help too. on a clear night you can see uranus with the naked eye

What is the distance from omaha nebraska to Ft. Smith Arkansas?

Depending on the route taken: There are 414.95 miles from Fort Smith and Omaha and477.52 miles by car. Fort Smith and Omaha are 6 hours 59 mins far apart (by car).

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What happends when they take your esofusgus out?

Your esophagus connects your mouth to your stomach. They would take out part of it to remove cancer. If they take it all out, they would try to replace it from parts of your stomach or intestines. You would need a temporary feeding tube while it heals.