Question  - and 'Yes' I know it can't be done, that of going faster than the speed of - except for the 'Warp Drive' theory of moving within or on a compression of spacetime in front and the expansion of spacetime behind - like a surfer riding a wave - he is not breaking the theory of relativity because he is staying on the same mass of water, but is moving relative to the whole much faster. Would it be correct to say, and putting it in laymen terms, if you did reach the speed of light - all time stops.  If that being correct then I guess we are frozen in either nowhere or everywhere, there is no time so you see it all at the same time. Now for real question.  If we did by say accelerating so fast that we kind of go past that instant and we did what we set out for and that is going back in time - hey we did it and the clock starts going backwards.  Well guess where we get to - right at that very instant just before we went faster than light and we are now tossing back and in this infinite loop. Right, Wrong? if wrong on the basic theory,   in laymen terms without all kind of equations where did I go wrong?  I'm sure many have thought the same question - if so 'What is the theory called?' P

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According to the Theory of Relativity, you would need an infinite amount of energy to reach the speed of light, because your mass would be increasing.  So you can't exceed the speed of light.

Whereas Tachyons exceed C, Baryons cannot.  Tachyons, though proved, remain one of the most confounding mysteries of science and opened the study of Dimensional Physics and Dimensional Mechanics.  I remember seeing a paper on that some years ago. 

As baryons accelerate they develop kinetic energy which converts to mass.  However, the mass accretion is not significant until we accelerate further.

Past the first Einstein Barrier (.28C) baryons would collapse to Bose Einstein Condensates.  We also generate this state of matter near 0K with laser cooling.  It is metastable, in that it will remain in place unless significantly disturbed.

As we accelerate more, then mass becomes significantly greater as we encounter Guth-Hawking dynamics.  At this density of mass space coalesces due to the increased gravitational field until gravity becomes as strong as the electromagnetic force, emf-weak force become unified, and strong force becomes incrementally weaker.

We still have conservation of mass-force-energy at this level until we reach the upper Einstein Boundary, .96C

As we approach this velocity virtually all matter becomes "compacted" to a singularity, gravity becomes stronger than the strong force, and matter changes character to 1X compact.

To postulate:

1.  Viewing to the rear we would see virtually nothing as EMF radiation has redshifted (by doppler phasing) to < cosmic background hence would be virtually undetectable.

2.  Viewing ahead we would see virtually nothing as EMF has been blueshifted (by the same doppler phasing).  Cosmic background would appear much as High-Q gamma does to us.

3.  Viewing laterally we would see spacetime virtually collapse as we encounter a Dimensional Boundary.

These "thought experiments" were the work of Albert Einstein from 1903-1908.  Einstein first published Special Relativity in Switzerland in 1905.  It remains one of the best proved scientific laws.

Nothing is quite as simple as it seems.

There was a young lady named Bright,

whose speed was much faster than light.

She set out one day, in a relative way,

and returned on the previous night.

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