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How to hang art on plaster walls

I need to hang artwork, mirrors and framed art on plaster walls. I need to know what to use that is economical .

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If you are really concerned about your walls means go for some cheap hanging hooks or nail braces.I have seen some suggestion on these site http://www.mywhitewalls.com/ on how to hang a portrait or other art related things in your plaster walls with causing any damage on the walls.

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While there are several vendors of hanging system hardware, you might consider our product line, which can be found at www.ashanging.com We have supplied to over 20,000 installations over the last 20 yrs. and offer a very broad selection of tracks and other fitting for hanging items on plaster wall ...

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I hung a heavy 8' high X 6' wide tapestry by attaching cloth strips across the top in a loop through which I ran a thin piece of pipe that was fastened to the wall by means of a custom made bracket that fit to the pipe on each end.

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