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My hair is turning blonde why?

I'm an African-American and my origionall hair color is dark brown.  In my mid 30's I started getting grey hair.  I'm now 39 and my hair is turning blonde too along with the gray.  I have not dyed  nor have chemicals in my hair.  The same thing happened to my dad along with some of his hair turning a copper colored as he became older.  His dad's hair did the same thing  too.  I know that at least 4 of my great-great grandparents are Native-Americans. Does that mean I have a recesive blonde gene that could have come from a distant ancester from European heritage?

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Janee what you are experiencing is not uncommon especially in darker hair colors. We all have varying

shades of hair color. In darker hair it is less pronounced, until the light or gray hair shafts began to multiply, then they become more obvious and even more pronounced against a dark back ground.

As we age we start to loose pigmentation, and allthough you are not old, it is not at all uncommom for

this process to begin as early as 19 or 20. I know several native-americans (including my aunt) who

started graying at very early ages and by the time they were your age they were quite substantially

gray. And as well if your father and your grandfather both grayed as you are doing, it's most likely

an inherited trait you picked up in your genetic coding. Could you possibly have some European

genetic material at play here, not at all impossible, however it generally shows up at a much younger

age, as opossed to presenting itself later in life. The fact that your hair is brown and not jet black

would indicate that you have other genetic factors involved. No one has been able to figure this one

out yet other than it's genetic. What causes the varying degrees of color, good Question, the only thing

we know for sure is the fact that as we age we loose pigmentation not only in our hair but our skin and

even our eye brows and eyelashes. Why it happens earlier in some and later in others, again, it depends on our genetics. So if you don't like it dye it, thats your only option. My aunt did that for sev-

eral years and then decided to let it grow out. She was completely silver white by the time she was 50.

If you do decide to cover your light hair, buy a dye or hair color at least a half to a shade lighter then your normal hair color as the

lighter hair folicles tend to be more porous and and absorb the dye faster. By going a shade lighter the

it will prevent dark streaks in your hair. Better yet have you thought of highlighting or streaking? You

don't need to touch up as often and any new lighter hair growth will blend in beautifully.


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