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I have highlights and blonde hair, (my natural color is light brown). I have blonde color for over 6 years (I do my own hair colors) and 4 wks ago I went to a salon to have a color retouch. For some ...

unless your hair is really thin and looks like straw your hair will not break trust me, i do my hair all the time the thing with dying hair is you have to know the color tone key what happens when you mix colors and it is actually cheap to fix if you mess up. A proffesional should know this and should have fixed your hair with no problem. all you do is simply go to a sallys and buy a light blonde hair color that has no ash or natural tone try a color with more of a golden tone and also if you don't want massive damage get a 20 on the developer which you would also need to buy... then the best part the thing that really does the trick in the store they have tiny little packs of things you squirt into the dye and developer called color fix and they have a kind that takes out gray tones and all tones you want to take out.. god forbid the color you chose does'nt take or its still just a little grayish then use born blonde toner. with crystal packs all will be under $25

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