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My hair turn ash-gray after coloring...what can i do to fix it?

I have highlights and blonde hair, (my natural color is light brown). I have blonde color for over 6 years (I do my own hair colors) and 4 wks ago I went to a salon to have a color retouch. For some reason my highlights turn green ash and the hair professionals did not know how to fix the told me that my hair will break and is not healthy and I need to wait about 3-4 wks I went to several salons to fix it but they advise the same. (8 hrs later went to Rite-Aids got a hair products call oops! And fix my hair back to my blond color and green ash color went awaySmile).

Cry Now yesterday I went again to a different hair salon, (the hair pro. add some bleach and a toner to my hair, I have done that to my hair before w/no problems.) I DONT KNOW WHAT F* HAPPEN, but now I been crying since. My hair is ASH-GRAY like a really old lady am only 26; the roots are golden blonde about 2-3inches only. The rest is ash-gray. I don’t know what to do I want to fix it; I had the worst day at work everybody asking me what happen to my beautiful hair? I have to wait again? Can I fix it my self with out paying the professionals that don’t know how to fix it? Have anybody had the same bad hair dye experience? Please advise how to fix it?? THANK YOU!


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I had both of these color scenarios happened to me over the years, I found it was always best to call the information line for whatever companies product was used. I had done mine at home one time and just called the companies number provided on the box.  They told me what to buy at the store(I think it was Sally's hair and cosmetic store) usually used by hairdressers themselves, and located in many areas.  The store itself was even more helpful, and I had a solution to my hair problem both gray and green times within 24 hours, I was gorgeous again! now If I have anything done at the salons it is only the crown highlighted, the rest I do myself. Hope this helps, I wish I had numbers you could call.  I know you can also go to websites like clarol or L'Oreal for on line help.  Goodluck!

Wow, I am really feeling bad for you right now.  I can't believe that the first professional couldn't fix it, then the next figured another bleach job with toner would.  Please no more bleaching for atleast 6 months and only to the roots.  Your hair is very sensitive right now.  My suggestion to you is to get a daily cover up called Fanci-Ful.  It washes out each day and you put it on after showering.  Also, After you have waited 6 months, try to actually use a hair dye instead of bleach.  Since your hair is blonde, you will be able to get it lighter this way and totally cover up the ash.  Please use a heavy conditioner daily to keep you hair from breaking as you have basically recieved a double prosessed treatment.  Brush from bottom to top also to keep from ripping through your hair.

I truly hope this helps, oh, and they sell that daily cover up color in most pharmacies and also Walmart.  Don't forget to get a 1/4" trim EVERY month too; that's very important.

God Bless,


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i would make the salon fix the problem with no coast to you. but i think they will have to strip the color out of your hair to fix the problem.

unless your hair is really thin and looks like straw your hair will not break trust me, i do my hair all the time the thing with dying hair is you have to know the color tone key what happens when you mix colors and it is actually cheap to fix if you mess up. A proffesional should know this and should have fixed your hair with no problem. all you do is simply go to a sallys and buy a light blonde hair color that has no ash or natural tone try a color with more of a golden tone and also if you don't want massive damage get a 20 on the developer which you would also need to buy... then the best part the thing that really does the trick in the store they have tiny little packs of things you squirt into the dye and developer called color fix and they have a kind that takes out gray tones and all tones you want to take out.. god forbid the color you chose does'nt take or its still just a little grayish then use born blonde toner. with crystal packs all will be under $25


For all you blondes check this website out, cool stuff


Try this its really good for blonde hair, brings it back to a really beautiful blonde

The person that told you to not use an ash or natural tone is 100% right... ash obviously has ash in it, neutral and/or natural tones also have equal part of red/ yellow/ blue or green, which is ash. It may work on your roots to come up a nice color depending on the underlying pigment in your natural lt. brown hair but when you pull that true, which would be bad, or wash it out when it goes over the highlighted hair, the overprocessed hilights you have, just absorb the ash base in the color your using, thereby making the mess all over again. Yes it is sad that the so called professionals you went to dont know how to fix this but my suggestion to you is... find a real colorist in your area, not someone who does color. Dont abuse it anymore and definitely stick with a warmer root tone at the root for the time being. DO NOT pull any color from your roots into your ends. While the root color is on, put olive oil on the hair from the root touch up out to teh ends. The oild will absorb in your highlighted hair and it wont absorb the color while you are washing it out. Wash it with teh most water pressure you can use so it washes out FAST.... A competant colorist would know this in the salon. Remember, what is in now, is healthy hair. You cant buy that in a box and its not a one shot deal... find a great colorist and stick with them, They are worth every dollar.

Do not go to the salon. They will just charge you money for a crappy job. Get a darker (like browns) semi-permanent/temp dye and dye your whole head and then wait for it to grow out. About the only way to make it not look grey anymore. Make sure you don't buy any ash or cool tones. This will be safest most sure fire way to get your hair to not go orange, green, or grey. And it will cost sh**loads less.

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