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My account got hacked into & is sending links to everyone in my address book. I've had this account for 10 years & this is the first time it has happened, I changed my password & everything because ...

Good afternoon Norma,

 I had a virus on my computer that would not quit, My facebook letters would come on my chat board and on my Email upside down and in a farigne. language,\. When I added an attachment, all my files and photos were sent not just the one I wanted to send. So I made paper copies of what I wanted to save and a recovery disk then deleted everything and had a new hard drive installed.

Now, I scan for viruses and check for updates before I sign on and before  I sign off. then remove the ethernet cord till I sign on again, I am on line again without a problem.

                 Hope this helps

                Bill     Yoshi1400@aol.com


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