Aka fighter is booted off for the 4th time! Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you believe it?  AKA fighter who is jkgrandma just got booted off AOL Answers for the 4TH time in 2 months!  Serves her right.  All she wants to do is harass and irritate people and act stupid under her AKA fighter account.  Now watch.  The witch will have the audacity to come back and make yet a 5th AKA fighter account.  No brains.  Beware.




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Anonymous Answer #1 I think that's a great answer.  I agree with it all the way.

Anonymous Answer #2.  As you can see they are both still here going at it.  They can blame the whole world but it's still the same two.  On and on and on it goes.  Neither will stop, everyone knows.  Both blaming the other and both going on and on and on.  Who brightens up first and quits?  I think one is as stubborn as the other and both saying each has numerous accounts when both do.  Whoever is brightest will stop and let the other be the one going on and on all alone.  Possibly neither is capable.  I thought ole granny was above this.

Anna, stop explaining for ole granny and explain for yourself. Then stop with the stupidity.  One of you has to.  Which will it be, you or her?  One of you has to wise up.  I was betting on ole granny but?

Why does the leftist-racist dfrogpong always spread such ridiculous lies?

I don't know who Anna is, but njoy is the above Anonymous poster who told Anna stop explaining for ole granny and explain for herself. Njoy always accused Anonymous of being Anna, who ever Anna is.

who the fuck is just kidding grandma?

Is there one good reason to believe Tadpole?  She posts as 200 people, all of them left wing idiots.

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