Why do guys like to cuddle and spoon?

why do guys like to cuddle and spoon? all the guys that i have ever known love to spoon.

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I think that guys don't really like to admit it, but they want to be as close to us as they can! They like the comfort that they get when we are snuggled up close to them!

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We do like the comfort. As well, spooning offers free access to the breasts, as well as letting us nestle our dicks against your ass. That may sound crass, but it's a great pleasure and comfort for us. Plus, when we spoon, and to some extent cuddle, with our arms wrapped around you, it makes us feel like we're protecting you, and that makes us feel needed and valuable.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I’m sorry I have to partially disagree. I don’t know any guy that “likes” to cuddle. From my personal and secondary experience guys cuddle to gain access to your body parts like bonestructure said. We also use it as a way to get you to have sex with us. Maybe to get you to have sex with us again. I myself, I hate to cuddle, but I do it because I know my wife enjoys it. Personally I think that most men that cuddle don’t actually like to, but they know the benefits of doing so.

Yeah, believe it. I'm only human.

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