Why are guys such dicks?

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Well, #1, they have one. #2, I don't think we will ever really be able to understand them #3, they aren't always acting like that part of their anatomy and the grand finale I would like to add my son-in-law to the top of the list as #1 DICK!

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Some guys like to take advantage of women. They do what they know they can get away with not caring who they hurt in the process. Demand respect and usually you will get it.. I think a lot of women put up with way too much.

  Truth be known and being a man myself I can only respond to this by virtue of some of the other men I have befriended over the years and my own personal experience. I’ve noticed that most men are not the thinkers that women are. Men don’t think “what if” “what will happen if” “what will this cause” “do I need to clean that up” “what will she think about this” will this bother her “and on like that. Men do not think. Now that is part of it wouldn’t you ladies say so?

  Now has anyone of you ever heard Bill Crosby (that great American black comedian) doing his bit about men and women? Here he Comparing Adam and Eve? Eve says ‘come here’ and man says ‘oh yea I’m gona get something oh boy’. Then Eve says ‘go away’ and man says ‘o-wow I missed it, what’d I miss what’d I miss?’ You see man didn't understand it and Eve didn't see that. That’s only part of this but maybe you get the picture.

  I’ve noticed that most if not all men are selfish and greedy and be honest a lot of women are too but men are different about it than women. Men want to be MATCHO MANO! Yea that’s a load of hot air and BS and personally I never understood it. I guess it all goes back to the days of UG and UGETT. Men competed for the right to mate and for ownership and women were almost always the prize. Maybe we didn't evolve quite as much as we would like to think we have. My guess is that your best bet then would have to be abstinence, going gay, or learning to handle it and go on with it as if everything is perfectly alright. Yea I know this is not what you wanted to hear and it sounds like something a man would say but what else is there you could do? Life is unfair and it sometimes sucks. Some things suck worse than others. Men have always been pricks and always will be. So do you love em or hate em? You decide.

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Guys usually become dicks when they go out with gals that are bitches.

I have to agree with Michael on this one although I would have said it a little differently.

And a thumb up to you Tony. Good to here a man's point of view. Basically, men are barbarians. They also like to bang on their chests and holler extremely loudly at times.

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Ha, ha that is so true Donna! Too many men have two heads and no brains in either one of them. It’s been my observation that most men are not only D!ck$ but A$$ Hole$ in addition!! I’d go even further to say that to my opinion; most of the world’s populations are Alcoholics, drug abusers, molesters, thieves, and just plain bullies. I have been kicked around and taken advantage of people who I know I could trust for so long that I have finally came to this decision. Dear Donna and everyone out there on God’s green earth. Remember that God said that “All have fallen short of the glory of Heaven.” Ladies; Men are all you have! = All have fallen short of the glory of Heaven; does that make it any clearer? If we were all perfect then wouldn't we already be in Heaven or in Gods ecstasy? Is Gender bashing what you really want to do?

   Let me share something with everyone that I have recently experienced personally. When I was coming up my dad was a cop. When we were very little he would beat my little sister and me until we couldn't stand up or sit down. Later when we grew up a little he wouldn't spend a dime on us for collage or school, we had to earn is ourselves if we wanted to go. When my parents divorced he didn't have to pay child support or alimony. He was not considered a dead beat dad. He was considered an outstanding citizen of the community. We (My sister and I) were expected by our family to love and respect him, always and regardless of his short comings. He gave us no allowance and took from us anything he wanted to take whenever he wanted to and for any reason he wanted to.

Today; if you even talk like you want to slap your child you can go to jail. Children services can make parents liable for school and collage funds. Fathers must pay child support and if they do not then they are called “dead beat dads”. Today Police are considered our friends to serve and to protect. Today children are taught to not respect their parents! Children can disrespect and hate all they want and never suffer any punishment for their bad actions and are spoiled and under a very bad influence! It’s called (society!) Parents must pay allowance and cannot for any reason take anything away without fear that the child will contact children’s services. So again I want to ask you; Is Gender bashing what you really want to do? There is much more important things to get P!$$ed off about than that!

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Tony, That was quite the mouthful. As for me, I don't spend all my time gender bashing. Actually, I do not usually respond to questions like this at all. Yes, I have had issues with men that leave me still in counselling. Most of all...the reason I answered this is my grand-children's father was raised by an extremely abusive man. One time he reached over the table for some potatoes and his father stuck a fork RIGHT through his hand (all the F***ing way through)! That is only one of the horrors. It is our duty to protect children as adults. Sometimes childen of abuse become child abusers too. And THAT is what We as people who protect children have to watch...that these people don't grow up to be what they were taught was the norm. He should have gone to counselling. He is such a MAN! Went a couple times that I know of. Sorry folks but it takes longer than that unless there is some magical cure that I don't know of for PTSD! Now, I too, have said my mouthful. Yell

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