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Gutter Stain Removal

How do you remove the stains from the exterior of rain gutters?

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My husband just bought one of these last week at Ace Hardware and it saved alot of time and I didnt have to worry about him breaking his neck by falling off a ladder. He got it for about 20.00 which is a bargin. Amy from NC


if the gutters have been painted, paint them again. if not bleach works best.

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Gutter Edge Gutter Cleaner "It Really Works"
Gutter Edge Gutter Cleaner spray on & wipe off works that good the secret is the formula is highly concentrated!!!! want to watch a video on how effective it is go to www dot gutteredge dot com

The stains on the outside of the gutters are from the asphault shingles and poor maintanace(keeping the gutters clean of debri). The nicname for these stains are called tiger stripes. Since the stains are from the asphault shingles the stain is oil based and a degreaser must be used. For a diy'er the best advice is purple power with some bleach applied with a brush. Scrub just a little let iit dwell for about 4-5 min. Dont let it dry on surface and rinse!

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StainGoner is the best gutter cleaner for staining, stripes, streaks, etc.  Guaranteed one spray one wipe formula.  http://www.StainGuarder.com



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