Why can't we just keep the Gun Control Debate ...

Why can't we just keep the Gun Control Debate board? Why get rid of some of the DISCUSSION (not looking for answers) boards when people want to keep them?

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Depends on alcohol on the premises. Most American Legions have bars -- only natural -- so they can't allow anyone to KNOWINGLY carry concealed on their premises. Now, when you are in your car a long way from home, have valuables to protect, or are in a heavy neighborhood where you will have to ...

The actual rationale of "gun control."

I hope it doesn't come to this, but if it ever does, they'll pry my guns out of my cold dead hands. Leftists may be the most hateful things on the planet (definitely the dumbest and least suitable for education) but that does not mean that they will ever ease up on their fanatical grudge to ...

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Turn in a gun or firearm for money

I agree that buy back programs are ridiculous. If you have a gun and you don't want it, destroy it yourself. Besides how do you get a gun you don't want?? Unless a family member passed and gave it to you, in which case they probably knew you were a pussy and left it to a son in law who would like ...