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My youngest daughter wants to learn the guitar. I ...

My youngest daughter wants to learn the guitar. I am going to get some lessons for her. I was wondering what type of guitar should I buy for her. I would like something nice but not too expensive. You know how kids are, they start something and a few weeks later they decide they don't like it anymore and you always end up loosing money. How much should I spend?

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I would say a good price would be 150 to 200. Take a look at pawn shops and music stores. You best bet is to get a decent used guitar. You don't want to get her a Martin, but a Takamine copy is a pretty decent guitar. I can't recall the brand names, but those guitars with the carbon fiber bodies and only wooden tops are pretty decent as well. And you should be able to find a good used guitar well within your budget. Do remember, though, cheap guitars sound like crap and are difficult to keep in tune. You want one that's of good enough quality to have good sound.

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If she wants an electric you should be able to pick up a Squire Stratorcaster for a reasonable amount $100 up from a pawn shop. If you don't know much about guitars take someone with you who does. The carbon backed acoustics Bonestructure is talking about are Ovations.

Here is something very important to know. ....Get a guitar with very close string frets. The reason I say this, if the strings are to high from the frets on the neck...it is harder to push down to the frets. And your lil girl may lose interest in learning the guitar due to sore fingers.....


The above pic is of a Flamingo guitar, with strings as low as 2.5mm on the 12th fret (distance between the bottom of the string and the top of the fret).....


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Hi: Get her something new & decent. Make it an event and take her out to pick the color. That is important to Girls. Get her a Fender Squire. They are Fenders made in Japan but inexpensive and of very good quality. I suggest an acoustic/electric thinline. Don't forget the amp ! All under $200. Get her a guitar tuner ($15). Fender has a package for this. Check out musiciansfriend.com But, go to the store. 

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