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Green Tea Hype?

What's all this hype about green tea? There are no serious studies that show some miracle influence of this plant on the body yet people are consuming it more than ever.

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The whole thing with green tea started when people found that antoixodants can help combat disease. So someone went and checked all sorts of foods and found that green tea is very rich in antioxidants. So of course there is no direct evidence showing that green tea actually does anything but that didn't stop people from going crazy over green tea. But this is no different from eating carrots to improve your eyesight (it might help if your eye problem stems from a lack of vitamin A), or telling kids that if they eat spinach they'll grow up strong like Popeye. Or eating garlic to avoid getting a cold. Or taking ginko biloba to improve your memory....

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You are correct that green tea has been rather heavily over-hyped, to some degree by tea companies, but largely by the nutritional supplement industry.  People are trying to sell a basic beverage at jacked up prices, often pushing low-quality tea.
However, it is not true that there are no solid studies on tea and health.  There have been numerous studies about tea and health.  While some of the claim of tea's health benefits are exaggerated and not backed by solid research, there is fairly solid evidence supporting some of the benefits.  If you are interested in reading some of these studies, I have compiled a science-based page about the health benefits of tea, which references a number of recent, thorough reviews of the scientific literature.
Is green tea any healthier than black tea or other kinds of tea?  From my research, I think the answer is no.  Why is green tea getting all the attention?  A historical accident, and the tea culture of Japan may hold the answer.  In Japan, nearly all tea consumed is green tea.  Of all the countries that produce tea, Japan is definitely the most modern, wealthy, and industrialized.  It thus makes sense that Japan, with its advanced medical system, would be the leader in tea-related research.  So, of course, most of the research that has been done has been conducted on green tea.  I also have a page about Japanese tea if you are interested in learning more about the different varieties of tea originating in this country.
I hope this answers your questions.  You are right that there is a lot of hype, but it's also true that there is a growing body of solid science supporting some, not all, of the health benefits of tea.

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Green tea has advanced significantly. Studies have shown that green tea is made of several main components that contribute to its character: catechin (texture), caffeine (bitterness), and theanine (flavor), as well as various vitamins and minerals. Present in large quantities of green tea, catechin (including EGCG) is a type of polyphenol that is also a component of red wine. Catechin also gives green tea its signature texture, and as a potent antioxidant, hinders dangerous free radicals in the body. Caffeine gives green tea its bitter taste, increases alertness, and relieves fatigue. Theanine gives green tea its taste and acts as a mild relaxant. These are the main research properties included in green tea. Green tea contains a well-balanced mix of these ingredients.

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Oh, you have no idea. I was a skeptic too and I was completely unaware of the stuff. However green tea extract diet is an excellent choice for anybody looking to stay fit. I followed if tor 3 months and it got me looking fab.

The health benefits of green tea seem to be multiplying almost daily. Green tea is credited with treating or curing many health problems and diseases.


"Known as China's Fountain of Youth, green tea has been recognized as a powerful healer in preventing cancer and slowing the aging process. Since its first recorded use 4,000 years ago, people have been drinking green tea for its health-preserving and revitalizing power. Lester Mitscher and Victoria Dolby explore the beverage's health claims in The Green Tea Book. Using scientific research, The Green Tea Book examines each benefit, from the prevention of cancer and heart disease to simulating mental clarity and reducing cholesterol levels. Polyphenols, naturally occurring compounds found in green tea, supplement the body's antioxidant levels and are the primary mechanism by which green tea prevents the formation of cancer. In addition to the health benefits, Mitscher and Dolby present the history of green tea as well as guidelines for choosing, brewing, and storage. The Green Tea Book is the complete guide to green tea and will help you understand why it works and how you can use it for both its health-promoting qualities and its great taste.

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