Who is the greek warrior god?

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If you're talking about Greek Mythology, it was Ares. 

Although Ares was the God of war, there were many Gods and Demigods related to and involving war, warriors, and heroics.

Most notably Hercules, and Perceice. Who where particularly worshiped by Greek soldiers. 

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Aries was the Greek god of war.  The Romans called it Mars.  Atheists call it Obama.

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The Greek pantheon, unlike the Roman pantheon, were tales meant to entertain.  Many were like our popular fiction: one person would elaborate a purely fanciful tale and another would top that.  It was fun telling these tales although no one took them seriously.

Then the Greek mathematician Archimedes began pondering the issue rationally.  Does God exist?  How to prove it decisively?

It occurred to him that matter exists and is made of smaller components that could not be broken down further.  He coined the phrase, "Atom," meaning "That which cannot be divided further."

Archimedes reasoned that if atoms exist, they had a beginning.  At the beginning, time stopped -- and nothing material culd have existed before.  Therefore, what existed to create the atoms was intelligent and designed the entire universe. 

Archimedes was not known to have encountered the Hebrew Scriptures.  Antedating Archimedes discovery was the Genesis Account, which said the same thing.

Now, scientists have proved Archimedes and Moses correct. 

"He who existed before all else is the Creator, hence God."

Archimedes' ontology settled the case about Divine Creation long before Cern proved it mathematically.

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