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My 7 moth old puppy hates her food ? What can I do to improve her eating ?

I've been having a problem keeping my 7 month old puppy eating at the same time every day ? Can you help?also having her spayed what are the prows n cons?
  Posted 11 hours ago .


Cheap jordan shoes online

cheap jordan shoes online?
  Posted 2 months ago .


How to recover iPhone photos when i lost it?

Today for some reason when I went in to the photo app for my iPhone, it said "rebuilding library" and then when I checked, I had lost all my photos that had been taken after ...
  Posted 2 years ago .


What is the best cell phone for pictures and not texting?

what is the best cell phone for pictures and not texting?
  Posted 5 years ago about "Switched on the Streets: What Does 'CES' Mean?"


I-Phone in car

What is best way to use i-phone in auto. I would like to have phone usable without hands and sound thru auto speakers. Any suggestions?
  Posted 5 years ago about "Switched"