As long as it's a real one, not an imaginary one like that useless Jesus asshole.

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I pray HE will have mercy on your soul, Sir.


J H, you don't have to like or love or respect Jesus or any other diety. That is your choice. And, it shouldn't bother you so much if others do like and love and respect Jesus. Try asking yourself why you care so much about something you proclaim not to care anything about.

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Dear JH;

WHAT! You have the audacity to post such an irresponsible comment! Were you high on something, or just want to show everyone what an asshole truly is? If so, you succeeded!



)))))))))))kiss to  Yechiel and NJOY.

Happy Easter, Dear Friends!!!


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Dear Shuddupandkissme;

Thank you.



Stanley Pembroke

Why do atheists never make friends of any sort?  Because they are obnoxious.  It takes diligent practice to become the sort of overbearing bigot that we see in Physicalist and all 200 of his other screen names.


The reason I will not accept atheists as friends is that they are never going to be friendly -- purely because God said to be friendly.  That explains everything about this most hateful and hated cult.


Folks, I have friends.  Because there is an atheist here, then there can only be hate on this whole service and that beneath contempt until that atheist is permanently gone for everyone's benefit.


When our one and only atheist persecuter of decent persons leaves forever, then AOL Answers will be a friendly place.  Not one minute before.  He has seen to that repeatedly and must continue until the day he dies.


rocmike alias bill stops posting after 4 hours now rocmikes alias stanley starts. same pattern every day. rocmike give it a break.

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