My great danes have really bad gas, can I give ...

My great danes have really bad gas, can I give them gas x or beano and  if so how much?

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Not for gas. Only as an ER (with vet dosage advise and immediate transport to a vet) for bloat.  - Human medication is never a long term treatment for ANY pet ailment.

Bloat differs enormously from gas and is deadly .

Since both(or all of) your dogs have the same gastric symptoms, you want to treat the cause, which might be something in their diet or something more serious, such as a parasite or infection.

This article recommends raised dishes, however, raised dishes can cause bloat. However, it has a reference of ER resources (to the left side of the article).

This article explains the causes of gas in dogs and some remedies to help you identify the best way to manage it.

Do NOT used raised dishes!

If you suspect a parasite or infection, again, because it has effected both of your pets, you should contact your vet before trying any at home remedies. Delaying treatment, if the cause is parasites or infections, can cause both your pets to become extremely ill, while allowing the cause to attack other organs.

For more information you might find more useful to identify other symptoms your dogs could have, google "gas in dogs". Some links are breed specific.

But, again, NO - you should not give your dog/s human medication without first consulting your vet.

In the meantime, also be cautious with air fresheners. Most are toxic to dogs. You might want to try pet-friendly Febreeze or another brand of odor control that is made to be safe for use near or around pets and/or on their bedding. Be sure to read the directions. Some of them require to keep the pet off the sprayed area for a specific amount time and NONE of them should be used on toys!

Doggie body perfumes should also be used minimally because they can cause skin irritation. (If your dogs have a parasite or infection, these can also attract some parasites(especially during the summer) and/or worsen an infection).

You need to get at the cause and also make sure both (or all, if you have more than two dogs with the same symptoms ) of your dogs vaccines are current to prevent them from catching things from each other.

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Hello ekkabbm,

First, NEVER give your dog any kind of human medication with out checking with your Vet first.

DO you give your dog human food? if so, things like cheese, dairy products etc.. is not only harmful but will give them smelly gas. If you have, stop. Dogs cannot digest certain foods (human food) the same way we can. their bodies just can't handle it.

If you haven't and this has been going on for some time, it could be an intestinal problem. Some type of infection.

Either way, if its been going on for a while, PLEASE get your dog to the Vet ASAP! Better to be safe than sorry.

Hopefully its as simple as they may need a different type of food.

Gas is the body's way of telling you, somethings coming down the track! So if the bowel has had something in it for a while, it will definately start to smell very bad. thats why you should really talk to your Vet and bring him/her in. Could be a bowel obstruction. Like I said, there's a lot of things that can cause this.

Hopefully you give your dog plenty of exercise every day. Helps with B.M. as well.

Hope I have been helpful.Wink

Good luck, I'm sure he'll/she'll be fine

(Your friendly Animal Behaviorist, Micki)Kiss


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