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What is your take on The Great American Mr.Glenn Beck?

I think Glenn is a great American. I am not sure that he started out that way, but he has proven now that his heart is in the right place.

Now that the American citizens have seen what a pack of lies Obama had spouted during his election, it is time that we declaw him by taking away his Democratic majority starting November- 2010.
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I like him, have him on my F B



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What is a liberal.

A liberal is very liberal when attacking a conservative. A liberal becomes very conservative when being attacked. A liberal is always harvesting the glory and pointing the blame. A liberal has no principle, anything goes as long as the liberal gets what he wants. On the battle field, a liberal soldier will get a good soldier killed because the liberal soldier is only defend himself. To the liberal, there is no honor, no god, no law but desire and money. Look around yourself, you will find a lot liberals. Even a liberal will not let his own daughter to marry a liberal. That is the bottom line.

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