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Granular Anuloma; any cures as yet?

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I'm not sure this a cure,but I had granular anuloma in the past and the doctor couldn't even tell me what to do after we tried everything.At the time I was using a tanning bed and noticed that it was dissapearing slowly but surely.Eventually it went all the way away.And don't scratch it.This seemed to spread it.I asked the doctor about it and he said certain types of fungus don't like the rays that tanning beds put out.Try it,worked for me!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!  I have had it for at least most of three decades. It is deforming, itching and burning.  I look like the Michelin Man with Circular Polka dots ALL OVER my body. GA, as you know, is such a deforming thing to look at.


I've read that preparation h is a cure.  i also read that: 


Tea Tree oil...some relief.
Vitamin E oil (capsule).....some relief.
Emu oil...some relief.
Mix them all together 1/3 of each in a 10 ml. amber bottle......

are also cures.  i will be trying in the am.  good luck!

I have had granular anuloma for 15 years and it always seems to retreat from sunlight.  I now work for the Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver and we are experimenting with the use of aesthetic (hair removal or tattoo removal) lasers and what effect they may have on the fungus.  More to follow in the coming months.

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