do grandparents have any say so in their grandbabies lives. or is it just a privledge

 my daughter was killed in 2006, on a motorcycle,  intentionally just  hit.  she has 2 beautiful babies. age 3 and 5 at the time.   i need to know if i should have some input in what ever i feel expecially if i know sompthing isnt what she would have wanted for them .  so do i have any rights to them , an things in their life.???

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Hi Jeanne,
I was very sad to read your notes.  I believe the 2 babies (your grandchildren) stay with their father.  In that case all you can do is try and influence him to do what your daughter would have done...... but not more than that.  He is now both the father and the mother and has full responsibility and 100% say.  But, if you see something extremely bad (illegal, abusive, etc) than you can call the authorities or take responsibilty (instead of him) - but that is a different story with a special procedure (actuslly adoprtion).
Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

  thank you for your help i guess this is one of those things that will always be felt as so unfair,   i somewhat feel that maby i lost more than a daughter.   this is sompthing so unfair .   expecially to my 2 girls.  life is never a sure thing , it can be gone so fast.  before my daughter {Tasha leeann lumpkin }  what im tryin to say is ...i just miss her ,  so-so much.  and it hurts to see his new girlfriends have more influence and control of my daughters girls life , than me..  before  we was always togeather , i miss holidays with her and know ,  with my grandbabies to.     its so unfair if tasha was alive it would be so differient,,   

So sorry for your loss....I would seek legal advise to this question.  Call a lawyer.  Most of the time they will make an appt. just to hear what you have to say.  What about the other grandparents?  Are they involved?  Is the father of the children around.  Who is raising them.  All of these questions will be asked as well as the welfare of the children.  You are the MOTHER's Parents, you could have a case, I am just not positive.  Wish I could be more help.

Poor is an attitude, Broke is a temporary situation.....UNLESS THIS MORON TAKES THE REST OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. There is no such thing as freedom of choice, babies NEVER choose to die.

You are the grandparent....You should at least seek visitation rights. Kathy

Poor is an attitude, Broke is a temporary situation.....UNLESS THIS MORON TAKES THE REST OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. There is no such thing as freedom of choice, babies NEVER choose to die.

Yes you have certin rights but they very from state to state best advise contact an attorney for what your rights are. Most courts have upheld grandparents rights. To be sure contact an attorney as to your states laws, So sorry for your loss.

Equal justice for All The law works but the system needs changed, We all abide by the law but sometime it failes us. The same with the goverment. God bless the USA, Brign our troops HOME safely, To the men who did not get the credit they deserve, MAY GOD WATCH OVER OUR SERVICE MEN.

Hi Jeanne,
I totally agree with you.  Will it be OK if I go to Nazareth or Beit-Lechem lit a candle and pray for Tasha Leeann Lumpkin ?   In Hebrew we have a saying: "I share the sorrow with you"..... and the meaning is: You don't have to carry all the weight (of the sorrow) by yourself, I'll help you to carry it...... 
Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

Grandparents have alot of rights.  You need to seek a consultation and if it is something that worries you please contact your cps.  I am not a lawyer but I know grandparents have lots of rights!  And thank god for that!

kathy, thank you for your suggestion on helping with my grandbabies.. i have such of an hard time seeing the beauty and , well Tasha was my only lil girl.  Im just not seeing the world the same know.....  dealing just for today, this moment ,  its hard living without my reason.  my hope , my joy,  my children was all i have really ever had.   daughters bring in the  closeness,  love i will never know again... thank you .

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