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Grandfather clock chimes before actual time on clock

My grandfather clock chimes five minutes too fast. The quarter hour chimes at ten minutes after the hour, half hour at 25 minutes past, etc.. How do you adjust when the chime actually chimes?

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Good question. I have the same issue, and have found no answer yet...

I still enjoy the sound of the chimes either way.


Your clock may have a friction-operated adjustment that a good clocksman could adjust for you. In the meantime, and without further reference to the more technical approach, let's see if there isn't something you can do yourself with both expedience and a little courage.

# 1. Check the minute hand arbor nut. This is the nut that holds the minute hand in place. It may be that there will be enough slack in the fit for you to loosen the nut and move the hand to a position in harmony with the strike of the chimes.

# 2. If all appears as it should with the hand, and it is seated well, then it's time for a small dose of courage. With a good grip on a pair of needle-nose pliers, grip the hand  as close to its mount as possible and give it a firm but careful turn to meet the correct position.

# 3. You may be able to do step # 2  with your fingers, or if you wish, you should remove the minute hand and and perform the task with the aid of a small vise. Whichever way you are most comfortable doing, that's the approach you should take.

# 4. This problem can occur with quarter-hour strike clocks when the hands are set with less than a gentle progression. Keep this in mind when you set your clock.


Good Luck with it.


P.S. for Naomi...You can do the same. I hope it's been of some help.

My name is Max Stout. Ask for me by name.

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