Pronunciation of vehicle

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vee-hickle with the vee accented

vee-hick-ular with hick accented

Most American pronunciations which remove the "h" sound


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Vee' eck el the single e being a short sound. The h is silent. When carrying on to the adjective, the word vehicular stresses the h. Veh hik' you lar Sorry it had to be phonetic, but keyboards don't allow for the proper pronunciation keying.

There is a big BUT here though. Collocuialism (ordinary, ever day speech - often referring to particular region or culture) may have the common population around you pronouncing it as Vee hik cal, which although is not proper English, may be the accepted pronunciation. It's up to you. Do you want to be "proper" or do you want to fit in?

Sorry Rock, you got this one wrong. Maybe it's just where you live. And triLcat, it's not American pronunciation, it's proper English pronunciation according to the dictionary, either American or English.

I'm not Mr. Know It All, but I did know him and he taught me a lot.

My whole purpose for being on Yedda is to argue. I don't think that's necessary on this point though. Daddio is correct. I looked in the New American College Dictionary and the Merriam Webster Dictionary and even though his e's aren't backward and he doesn't have the ^ and all of the other littlle doo dads that the dictionaries have, his pronounciations are basically correct. Vee hick els is how my dad used to say the hicks pronounced it.

I may not be Mr. Know It All, but I knew him well and he taught me much.

Please try to check your spelling - colloquialism before responding.

In addition your correction of my pronunciation is incorrect; I was wrong but it is certainly not pronounced vee'eck el. according to the American Heritage Dictionary, it should be vee'ickel.


i didn't answer this to start a tit for tat - nanny nanny I know more than you do. I misspelled a word. It's as easy as that. I put a c where a q should have gone. If it makes you feel superior by pointing out my shortcomings, then here you are. I am sarry I speeled a word rong.

I may not be Mr. Know It All, but I knew him well and he taught me much.

By the way. In responding to point out my mistakes, you contradicted your own original answer! Enough said. I just finished saying I didn't want to turn this into a tit for tat.

I may not be Mr. Know It All, but I knew him well and he taught me much.

pronunciation of vehicle

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