Upon graduation from mortality, we have new opportunities handed to us.


Quoting from the apocryphal book of Rocmike3, we see a parable.

A Marine Recruit Regiment graduation ended as always with a beer bust at the Enlisted Club, a first beer for all the recruits who proved that they were fit to graduate Basic Training.  Some barely graduated with minimum qualifications, some showed eough potential to be awarded PFC on graduation and selection for NCO academy at the end of five months advanced training.

Then a bunch of slack and scruffy civilians decided that they wanted in on the party.  Some never enlisted, some were turned town for enlistment, some washed out of training, and a few were enlisted in the armed forces of other nations.

The Marines at the party still didn't know much about hand-to-hand fighting yet but their 14 weeks of training gave them the confidence to take care of themselves until a whole bunch of salty Marines arrived and twisted the crashers' lips in a knot. 

So, tell me, who did the Marine Military Police bust, haul away in a paddy wagon, and charge with unauthorized entry of a military installation? 


Can you see the parallel between enlisting in the Marines and enlisting in the course of existence called mortality?

Revealation 20:15
John 3:36


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At the behest of dfrogpong, allow me to answer.  I would not want to be with those crashers when the salty Marines arrived.  Whatever was left for the MP's to haul away would doubtless not be in the best of condition.

Faith makes us complete thinking entities. Without faith, we do nothing of worth.

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