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Government Bailouts

Share your thoughts on bailouts for financial institutions. Is the government doing the right thing? Or are there better ways that money could be used?

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I totally disagree with the bailouts. They are a waste of the taxpayers money and will not accomplish anything. Why are we rewarding companies for bad business practices. Let them fail, and stronger companies will emerge.

Ford Motor Company has set a very good example by not taking any bailout money. They are doing business the way it should be done. I personally would buy a Ford now, if for no other reason than this.

Not bailing out the companies that can't keep in tune with current practices will weed out the failures. If they were not profitable before the bailout, what makes you think they will be after we give them Billions. Only the strong survive.

Another example: My financial instution took my life savings and invested it in mortgage backed securities, they lost it all. Now they want me to give them more money. Give Me A Break!


If it's funny, laugh. If it isn't funny, laugh anyway!

The bailouts are going to lead to this country's economic ruin.  Bailing out banks and insurance companies while people are going jobless and homeless is beyond rediculous.

Sending $900 Million to Gaza and another $845 Billion to the UN for global poverty is incomprehsible when this country is suffering.  Take care of home first and then if you have something to share with someone else do so.  I'm not greedy but this just makes sense to me.  Why is this being allowed to continue when the American people are clearly against it?

AIG bonuses are a symptom of the flawed bailout system--flawed in that there is no accountability for using the money responsibly rather than support inflated corporate bonuses.  What was AIG's plan for meeting their alleged contractual bonus obligations without the bailout money from our tax dollars?  Why are bonuses not tied more closely to company performance, especially in light (in AIG's example) of one of the worst reported earnings losses in history?  If President Obama, Treasury Sec. Geitner, and the House and Senate are serious about going after companies that give bonuses and inflated executive salaries and golden parachutes when they take billions in bailout money from our taxes, then pass and enforce a law that creates a 100% tax on such bonuses and inflated salaries.  That alleviates the so called contractual obligation (or excuse) while making sure that a select few don't line their pockets with our tax dollars.  If these companies have money to dole out to executives, then that says to me that they must not need our tax money for a bail out.

Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bailouts will not fix the problem. Companies that need the bailouts should be allowed to fail. Other companies will take their place.  Its like rewarding them for doing a bad job.  I don't like it at all. Its like its a fantasy world, where people get paid more for scewing up instead of fired. 

The government bailout problem should have been a little better thought out. There shouldn't be abuses of the use of the funds and there should have been restrictions on the use oif the funds.Why wasn't this thought of? The banks seem to be getting worst with their tightening of their lending practices especially in the credit card area.The money is not flowing to the potential borrowers who have been struggling, it is going to pay their executives for a job poorly done. It seems everytime you make a payment they lower your credit line,especially American Express,they are the worst.

Overall, I support the bailout because a large portion of the bad business practices (that led to business failings) are a result of the government meddling in the first place.  It was the government that decided that 'everyone' should own their own home during the Clinton years.  Banks were mandated with a threat of penalty by the government to ease lending qualifications.  It should be no suprise to anyone that many of these failed.  Many people (Dems and Reps) since 1992 have had ample opportunity to correct the problem, but did nothing.  However, I see nothing wrong with setting some ground rules for companies that accept this money.  Including capping salaries and bonuses.

I am in total disagreement with the bailout for banks.  I firmly believe the economy would have straightened itself out.  How dare they use taxpayers dollars for these bailouts.  Was there a time that we could have put this to a vote>>  Did they even give us the chance to vote - it's our country, it's our money.  Did one politician even take into consideration the emails and letters that were mailed to them asking them not to do this?????  Has it now come to where the government has total say, and we the people have nothing to say???  What is going on in this country??

I am one very disgusted American citizen who is fed up, and I think it is time that the American people, who worked so hard and cared so much for this country, take back our country.



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