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Why might the government limit individual freedoms?

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We are a Republic not a Democracy.  A Democracy is majority rules and believe me Americans would not like that.  As a Republic we opted for a Constitution to lay down the laws for our governing bodies.  They take oaths to uphold that Constitution we also have a Bill of Rights to brace that Constitution up.

It is a known fact that Progressives and Demoncats have never liked that and they have fought against and wanted to "Change" the Constitution for years.  They want control over the comings and goings of the people and the Constitution does not allow that.  They want to add amendments that will take away our rights and laws, they say it is out dated and does not apply to todays world when in effect what they are saying is we don't like to follow the rules that keep tyranny at bay we want to be the tyrants.

Trying to encroach upon the 2nd Amendment with the Gun Walker situation and fiasco with Eric Holder even saying so in front of Congress.  Limiting guns means they don't have to worry about doing what they want to us because we can not protect ourselves against them.  This is the very reason the 2nd Amendment exists for every citizen to be armed and able to fight against tyrany.

Now we have a fatassed Michelle Obama telling us what to eat while she eats everything and anything she wants.

We have a president telling us not to drive big cars while he has a fleet of limos and jet planes at his command.

A president that says we should not be allowed to use all the electricity we want to stay comfortable while the rest of the world is suffering yet his ass is comfortable.

The list is endless and we must remain vigilant we have a tyrant in the WH and by the by our forefathers in the Bill of Rights laid down how to tell if you have a tyrant clearly, percisely and for our own good and Obama is it.

Lady Darko

Why would the government limit personal freedom?
Public health, and safety mostly.
Public protection from consumer fraud and victimization.
Protection of copy right, and patents.
National security and defense.
Protection of personal privacy.
The fact is, that you live in a society with other people, and it all can't be about you. Society cannot function if people are stepping on each others toes, contently fighting about who gets what, and ripping each other off all the time.
Someone has to play umpire

Now. Can a government go too far? Absolutely it can.
That is why we have a constitution limiting the role of government, an independent court system with override authority, and a Bill of Rights enumerating spacific rights that the government cannot infringe upon.


Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

It has been our experience that for a society to remain stable, it must be free.  Otherwise we suffer all the violence and hellish tyranny we find in the Middle East, where control freaks abuse their "Sharia" to force others to do their evils at will and without limitation.  That is why Sharia "law" is the outlaw's code and only makes evil people much worse.

Sharia for example is so full of loop holes that any evil is very lucrative if you hate whom the Imam hates.  "Halal" marriage is a legalized one-night stand where a corrupt man buys an eight year old concubine at auction, takes her to bed and deprives her of her virginity.

The next day the marriage is over.  He still owns her and is legally entitled to sell her a night at a time.  It is big business in Mecca and Medina, as Hajis arrive from all over and decide that their lust is more important than their money.  Sex tourists visit Mecca and Medina just to get girls for the night, usually for five whole dollars. 

Until recently, that was the primary draw to the ancient city Baghdad: sex tourists thought that variety of prostitution was much to their liking.  Then we put an end to it, and freed thousands of Saddam's prisoners -- most of whom did not know what charges were against them or what bribe to pay whom.  Islam is that corrupt.

Now, if that same girl who was sold as a whore one night rides home from the Mosque in the back seat of a car with her brother the next night -- and has not been sold to her as a whore -- she is guilty of adultery and will be summarily hanged.

How cute.

I do not consider such a corrupt libertine abuse of marriage moral, but Islam does and they openly advertise this abuse of law.

Is that personal freedom, or "The great whore of Babylon?"

You do the math.

You decide.

We learn from history that we learn nothing from history: those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

I haven't lost any freedoms.

If it will endanger the public. You may not scream "fire" in a crowded theater.

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BTW If you don't vote, you don't deserve freedom.

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