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Gov. Grants for 65 yr old seniors and Assisting Personel


Where do I find info on Grants for Senior Citizens 65+ and the persons that assist them in filling out the Grant forms?

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Do your self a favor dont get it off the internent as i have researched it out they are available but just where dont go there.

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well gov. grants for s citizens i find to be somewhat silly and could become a waste im 67 years of age thank god and to think about going back to school at this age and depending on gov grants is taking the money out of the hands of those that really need the grants. our young people. think about it. going back to school at this age seniors, by the time you finish, your almost finished, and even if you find someone who would hire you at this age. well good luck. so what have you done? give our tax payers money to a school that knows even with a diploma it would be hard to find a job and could someone our age handle it? no!.

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I was wondering when someone would ask that question. I have seen an number of these so called Grant info sites including some that claim they are authorized by our Pres himself (not true). The ones I've seen point you to the places and claim to offer assistance with the writing but none so far will actually do it for you. I myself have written grants so I know what must be put in one if its to be a success.  I refuse to be bothered because it can be tedious. One of these days I may hold a pity party of one and decide to tackle it. 

I'm not there yet. Undecided

Its never too late to ask.

What is the grant for? As far as I know noone has started rewarding people for turning 65 yet (but, then, what do I know? I'm only 68.)! Most grants are for a purpose, and one goes to different sources for different things. As far as grants to pay a grant writer, that is considered unethical by the American Grant Writers Association (http://agwa.us)

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