Should Gosselin's kids have been expelled?

I don't watch reality tv but I came across an interesting article about 2 of reality stars Kate and Jon Gosselin's children being expelled for bullying other children. I think it has to do with their parents being more focused on their Hollywood career than on the children. What do you think?

Should Gosselin's kids have been expelled?

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 I do not think so ! Kids will be kids ! kate is just trying to support and provide for her kids unlike jon he is money hungary !!!!!!!!!!

I Think So. Mom & Dad Gosselin are both out to make money off their children and the divorce. However its very SAD that the media and talk shows are not smart enough to NOT feed into their drama of making money... Do like most American's ............. GET A REAL JOB AND TEACH YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT MORALS, VALUES AND LIFE.



Wesley Chapel, FL

The Gosselin's are putting their kids through a nasty divorce. I'm amazed it took this long for the little darlings to start expressing their hostility over that. It's unfortunate that they directed it at their schoolmates instead of inflicting it directly on its cause, but kiddos operate in a disabling mix of emotional and power-imbalanced relationships with adults, and sometimes the only way to get their stupid parents' attention is by making the principal call them down to school.

She is the mother of 8 children close in age, what are the odds that some would be a bully?  pretty good if you ask me.  I don't think parenting have anything to do with it.  I have twins, one started out bullying the other one, I had to stop that child from bullying, then one day the bullied child started fighting back, now she is fierce.  Guess what, they are a year old, however this has been going on since they were fetuses.  The doctors and I were afraid that one child might be dangerously underweight.   During regular sonograms, I would witness the bigger twin manipulating her egg sack to hit and push the other twin out the way.  Then one day an amazing thing happened, the dangerously small twin grew almost overnight.  She went from an estimated 1 lb to 5 lbs in a week and a half.  the day after a sonogram said that both twins were over 5 lbs, my twins were born. I guess the same thing happened in uterus, the smaller twin got tired of being bullied, and fought back, viciously.  Maybe they were bullying since utero. 

 think that parents should focus on their children now,while they are young,when the children get older and lead their own lives then it is their time at the very least they know they have done better by the children

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