Two teabaggers and not a cents worth of sense between them . Ladywacko refuses to acknowledge the fact that todays republican party resembles the taliban . She refuses to accept the fact that they've been trying to pass legislation that will deny women health coverage , preventive care , etc etc ...Ladywacko instead of accepting these facts does what all ignorant teabaggers do when faces with undeniable facts , reach into their anal cavity and say the craziest crap that they've been reading in their retarded websites as if saying out loud makes it fact . FACT : Ryan and Akin co-sponsored legislation that would make all abortion illegal even in the case of rape or incest . FACT : Ryan and Myth Romney share the same views . But you won't hear bat crazy people like Ladywacko admitting these facts , the reason ? because where they go for news the truth is something to hide .

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