GOP Birth Control Amendment 'Dangerous'. Agree?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, in a statement to The Huffington Post, weighed in heavily against a toughly-worded measure being considered in the Senate that would greatly restrict women's access to critical health care services.

What do YOU think?

GOP Birth Control Amendment 'Dangerous'. Agree?AFP/Getty Images

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There are hundreds even thousands of health clinics in this country that women can find health care, including FREE birth control. Stop whining.

If Kenya had offered birth control, we surely would not have to put up with a criminal racist named Obama.

Yup, I do agree its dangerous.  Sneaks who'd try to do something so low down and rotten deserve to be shot.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, in a statement to The Huffington Post<<<This is where you stop reading and discount as election year horseshit

I suppose that much depends on the specific (and secret) segments of the population Obama wishes personally to limit. 

It is one matter that teenagers feel a virtually unlimited rush or hormones as puberty sets in (to be expected) which makes family-moderated birth control acceptable.  It is entirely another that specific segments of society have been slated for extinction, either through rationing of medical care under Obama's poorly considered healthcare reform act, compulsory contraceptin/sterilization, or even federally-funded abortion.

Hitler did exactly the same thing and look at the result.

The best people say the best things. The best victory is a durable peace. The best revenge is living well.

This is not a birth control issue it's an infringement on the Constitution of the United States. The Church and State  have always co existed without this new health Bill that the current President is trying to coerce us into by calling it a birth control issue. 

In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible. ~Cicero

I disagree with all this obama is passing the line and going to far with 

GOP Birth Control Amendment 

That it is dangerous hell no this is an issue that needs to be solved correctly!!! who do they think they are they cutted the budgets and taxes now GOP BIRTH CONTROL AMENDMENT this is messed up and unright they are going to far with this!!!

 "It is dangerous because next Mr. President will start telling churches, pastors they have to marry people of the same sex even though it is against their moral and spiritual believes."


I think what LadyE might be trying to say is that same sex couples have the mentality to be able to adopt older children, while gays are not the only people who are the unwanted. At least they found each other.


While with straight couples abortion just makes the waiting list that much longer.



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