If I was religious then I would go to the American Atheists church thats what their church is called. They carry a tune like a lot of the catholic religions do. If your Greek, in the US their church is called the Greek orthadox catholic church. If you came from Irish descent, in the US their called Irish catholics. While Italians in the US are called Italian catholics. Native amerians that have Spanish blood are called Spanish Americans, their catholic as well.


If anyone don't count in this Country it protestants like you Harley.

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Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

The reason your cult got laughed out of town is cause only atheists were stupid enough to pay huge wads of cash in dues just to be called worthless loony tunes.  So what, atheists get a real loud snore cause they are as boring as they are stupid.


How does it feel to be laughed out of town because you and your whole worthless cult are that stupid?


Atheists are idiots so they want us to hate them, but that only proves that all atheists are equally stupid.  I don't hate you.  I pity you for being stupid and ignorant, but I don't hate you.  You done every thing you could to get people to hate you but you screwed up even trying at that.


Looks to me like you can't do anything right.


Sorry Harley, I can't help the white man - I was born straight.

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