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What is the "The Golden Square in astrology

What is the "The Golden Square in astrology

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ask-astro astrology website I thnk this might just be a fraud. I need to know a phone number for this site as they took $148.00 from my account` for a 3.00 QUESTION. The contact number WAS 888=732 ...

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What religion is Valerie Jarrett

Asked: Medical astrology?

How accurate does medical astrology tell your health condition and future illnesses you will suffer from? I ask this because even the doctor can't tell you for sure about those things.

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Beleve in Astrology?

It's apparent that most people don't understand that astrology isn't a matter of belief really, no more that everything in space hardly is accounted for in order to apply it. You aren't interested in astrology, why tell others about something you assume as nonsenseand certainly don't understand in ...

Where can I get a daily astrological reading that ...

You want accurate astrology readings, you can't expect to get it for free. Free sites gives you a general reading for someone born at noon or midnight g. mean time at a preset location. Not many fill that criteria so, as it takes time, effort and a bit of ability.. The personal chart must be ...

What does the new moon on august 30, 2008 mean in astrology

Hi, a new moon simply means the earth is directly blocking the sun's rays from hitting the moon and the entire surface of the moon is darkened. As the moon revolves around the earth ( which is slowly revolving around the sun at the same time ) it goes through phases, depending on the amount of ...


Saint Manu is respected and honoured in Indian astrology’s history. Saint Manu not only created religious texts but also a number of different astrological texts which have been considered very important in Indian astrology.For more information go on http://astrobix.com/