How much does a bar of gold weigh, and how much is it worth (US Dollars) ?

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The gold bar most commonly used in international transactions weighs about

400 troy ounces, or about 27.4 "regular" (avoirdupois) pounds. The density
of gold is about 0.698 lb per cubic inch, so such a bar would have a volume
of about 39 cubic inches. A 6" x 3" x 2" brick would be close to this, so
I think the 400 troy oz. bar is the gold "brick" most of us have a mental
picture of.

The value of an ounce of gold varies from day to day; The closing price
on 12/28/07 was $841 USD per troy ounce, so a 400 ounce bar would be worth
(that day) a bit more than $336,400 USD (U.S.Dollar).If you have an extra bar sitting around, please feel free to send it to me :)  Best wishes! 
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There is no standard dimension for a gold bar.  Each producer cast the gold bars as is conviniet to him.  Recently a gold bar worth 1.71 M$ was stolen from a museum in Japan. There are small gold bars, medium bars and large bars.  At the moment the Gold price is about 815 $/oz (and change much all the time).  Always at times of instability the prices go up.....
You probably refer to the huge gold bars we frequently see in the movies.  I saw such a gold bar at a gold mine in South Africa.   Let's make some calculations:  The bar as I remember is something like 30 X 15 X 12 c"m.  that means it's volume is: 5400 cubic c"m (c"m^3).  The specific weight of gold is 19.32 g"r/c"c, so this bar weights 5400 * 19.32 = 104,428 g"r.  That is a about 104.5 k"g.   In onces it is 2756.9 oz.   Since 1 oz is worth roughly 815 $ that bar is worth about 2,246,873 $.   So a bar with those dimentions will weigh about 104.5 k"g and will be worth about 2.25 M$. 
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How much does a bar of gold weigh, and how much is it worth (US Dollars) ?

Here is the disappointing part. Hypothetically speaking. If one was to find 400 troy ounces of Gold not in bar/brick form, they wouldnt be able to cash it in for that much USDs. And if you had it in brick form then it would most definately be confiscated and there would be a chance of prosecution and lengthy costly investigation by the law. If you were able to cash in that much gold to USDs, it would be subject to minus taxes and exchange fees.

We are a nation of laws ( that go a little overboard) and generally are not followed by the super wealthy or ones in power with little to no consequences for breaking those laws.


Apologies for my rant and side track into politics. However, we wouldnt be in a mess and headed for a world of hurt if most of us gutted up, dropped the guilt of not being patriotic and feeling like traitors and holding these folks feet to the fire. Obviously elections no longer work (VOTE) Very Obnoxious Treasonous EliteMoney mouth

The value of an ounce of gold varies from day to day; The closing price
on 3/12/09 was $912 USD per troy ounce, so a 400 ounce bar would be worth a bit more than $551,800 USD (U.S.Dollar).

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