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Hugh Hefner back with #1 bunny - runaway Crystal Harris... How is it going to end this time?

How many times this person is going to marry? 

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Joyce Peller Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Tell me and we'll both know.  The way Hefner is going he'll marry as many times as Elizabeth Taylor and his wives will be as miserable as all of Taylor's husbands were.


If I ever settle down it will be a miracle.

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Rocmike why do all of your aliases go to old questions and answers no one has been on in a long time? AP-Ladydarko does the same thing. Could it be you are the same poster. What a sad lonely life you have.

Tweekey Thinks this answer is Helpful:

i don't know that i could count that high
so far hefner has married 11 times
his first marriage failed in 1951
i have no idea what happened to all the other ladies
playboy is a criminal enterprise any way you look at it
that is why they are leftist liberal
leftist liberals are so hung up they cannot become creative or original
i pose for hours and he is still puddling paint
just finish the painting
take all the snaps you want
if i get to keep them once we are done
i will not pose for porn

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Rocmike I see you hav another 16 hour posting day under Tweek, dfrogong, Top Renner, Ladydarko, Anonymous, Yechiel, Harley Spirit. Do you have any kind of life?

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