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Hugh Hefner back with #1 bunny - runaway Crystal Harris... How is it going to end this time?

A Course In Hefner Is the World Going to End Soon? ... is already now" which refers to the idea that all time is going on all the time.

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Joyce Peller Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I pity Hefner and that Playboy bunch.  Too fancy, just not real enough, and everything in that bunch is just plain phony.


I'll take pipe riggers and welders over playboys any time.  At least they tell the truth and don't have to live a lie.


I understand you about escorts, but out here, we have escort companies that take roughneck drilling crews into areas where the bears think they are yummy.  They might be cold dirty smelly and grim to look at but they'll bring you back from Kodiak in one piece and healthy.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Helpful:

That is thew sort of "escort" that counts.  They go in harm's way and come back with their client in one piece.  That doesn't mean to get laid.  That is professional hunting guide and bodyguard service.  These tough old grizzlies are your best friend let me clue you!

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