I know I am comming late to the conversation.  I don't think your question to be out of the ordinary or vague.  As a born again (or saved) minister/evangelist it is a question that I often have to answer,  "Why is it that people who call themselves Christians often behave so badly?"  The short answer is this.  Saved people are still imperfect people.  Those people who have attained salvation by accepting Christ as Lord and Savior are a work in progress just like you are.  The only human being who was perfect was Christ himself.  We who are saved are in the process of being made perfect like him.  You must remember that it is by Gods grace that we are saved.  The grace in the process of salvation is important because it letts us know that we are not perfect nor can we attain perfection through our own abilities. It is only through the blood of Christ acting like a filter (grace) that makes us perfect in Gods sight.  So,  realize that all saved people are not perfect. All of us are going to do or say the wrong thing at some time in our lives.  All of us are going to have attitudes that need to be adjusted.  Grace does not give us the right to mess up, it allows for the fact that at some point in time we all will mess up.  Some of us more than others.  Our job is to keep our focus on Christ and allow others the same grace that he gives us.  In other words don't lett your faith or your attitude be affected by what you see someone else  who professes to be saved do.  Our faith should never be ancored to others, just to Jesus.  I hope this was of some help?  I firmly recommend that you study the book of Romans.  Nothing brings clarity like the Word. 

God bless you

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heavenboundcarol Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Brownsugar, this was an excellent answer from peacemaker...The more you know the Word of God and hide It in your heart, the more you will become like Jesus !!! He wants us to always be in His shalom peace and live in His Joy but during the times that we are so attacked by the enemy, we need to have His Word inside of us...When that Joy is within you, others will see it and you will be able to tell them the same thing, get in the Word of God...Too many that either call themselves Christians or are really born again do not even read His Word...They are spiritually mal-nourished...No wonder when the enemy attacks, they crumble...I love the Word in James 4:7, Submit yourself therefore to God, resist the devil and he shall flee...If we are submitted to God through our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, all we need to do is resist the devil and he will flee, he will run away as fast as he can...The Word is very important in our lives...In John 1:1, the Word of God says, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God...Jesus is that Word here, we cannot seperate the two ever...Without the Word in our lives we become weak and even seem to others as if we are not truly saved...God bless you...Thank you peacemaker !!!

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