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Evil often has resulted in agonizing and sustained pain. God either 1) lacks the power to prevent evil, 2) does not know where evil exists, 3) unmercifully allows or arranges for evil to exist, or 4 ...

God gave us 2 special gifts (1) His son Jesus Christ...who suffered, died, and rose again to redeem all people from their sins (2) Free will...God will not interfer with the will of men. Does he have the power to stop evil...yes. One day you will witness that power when Jesus returns and evil is cast into hell for eternity. Your gift of free will allows you to believe or not...your choice.

Amazed in HIS presence, Humbled by HIS love

I am HIS



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dj--I understand. You dismiss Him from culpability for suffering from the beginning of time to this promised date in the future. That makes agonizing and sustained pain of the innocent OK. Evil and suffering prevail because He is unwilling to correct it. Thank you. I get it!

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