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On this Thanksgiving Day I reflect on the many thing that I have been blessed with. The grace of God that I be born in ,what was the greatest country in the world. To be part of a family where God ...

There are 2 powers in the world God and Satan aka  Good v Evil.  When this country took God out of our schools and the ACLU came to be, we turned our backs on God.  This country is reaping the rewards and "we ain't seen nothing yet!".  We're not as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah but we are close.  I think this is the reason we are not mentioned in the end times. The North, East and South are mentioned but not us. We have turned our backs on God so much so that this nation elected a Muslim as president!  How much more evil is going to take place in this nation before God allows someone like N Korea or Iran to wipe us out? Only He knows, but We used to be the only God fearing nation, but not anymore. I don't think there are enough true Christians left to "out pray" the evil in this country.

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To Jamie:  There are enough Christians left to outpray the evil in this nation.  It only takes one.  Just think how we could regain our values if we as Christians turned from OUR wicked ways, and repented, and all stood as one and prayed for our nation.  And we can do it.  We just need to get the word out so that the silent majority (Christians) become vocal and stand together.  This, Facebook, email, twitter, any way you can think of - get the word out!  We can even make a change in 2010 (that's this upcoming year) by getting some if not most of the liberals out of office!  Make a stand and research those running for office, then get out and vote!  We've got to take our country back or lose our freedom altogether.


People must turn from their wicked ways and repent and when they do, they then become Christians.  There are so many sinners in this country who are deceived into believing they are Christians, while sinning.  This country, I do pray for her, but believe she is lost. There are just to many wicked people who believe they are of God. I see why this country is not mentioned in the end time.

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