God gave names to all the animals.

It is said that in the beginning, God gave names to all the animals, but I don't believe this;


For instance, the aardvark, or duckbilled platypus... Surely God never gave out names like that.

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I doubt he gave out the name Lady Gaga either.

Metaphorically speaking, is what the Bible verse is doing. God is SPIRIT. Not physical, with a human voice.

God assigned Adam and Eve the task of naming all the animals in God's Earth.  It is, after all, HIS planet, not ours.  Adam and Eve were supposed to tend the garden, subdue it, and make it fruitful.

God did not ask us to destroy the planet with weapons such as the atheist Sakharov designed.


Obamacare failed, therefore be of good cheer, as you no longer have to risk your life in one of Obama's traps.

Sometime ago, there was a fraternity prank going around among the less promising among my former colleagues called "evolution" or something.  It was a bizarre "argument by the authority of nonsensical atheists" that proposed that atheist fraternity pranks should be preached as a direct substitute for science. 

In any rational view, this "evolution" fraternity prank is absolute rubbish.

For example, evolutionists claim that form follows function and that life emerges from nonliving matter without any intervening intelligent design.

That my friends is of course utterly ludicrous.

Here is one of God's proofs that the evolution hoax is only for the most simpleminded of uneducated fanatics to believe in.

The Platypus has poison glands (contrary to the laws of evolution that state that when an adaptation is no longer needed, nature discards it). 

It lays vulnerable eggs, placing the species at risk far above that which higher vertebrates ever experienced.

It has a duck's bill, a beaver's tail, a crocodile's webbed feet, and a genome that is more complex than that of man.

Were any of the preposterous delusions of the evolution hoax consistent with science, the Platypus utterly disproved all the rest, rendering evolution (and atheism) discredited pseudoscience and only for delusional persons to believe.

I hate to demote atheists to the ranks of discredited morons.  Fortunately I don't have to: science already did it for me -- in no uncertain terms


Knowing that there is an atheist on AOL Answers contrary to reason, I will post the photo in a "comment" so that you can see it after our token atheist conrtrol freak tries to discredit science with ridiculous atheist superstition.

Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven. Charles M. Russell, Montana, 1929.

God gave all living things a name in his gulag with satan. Is there ever anything decent that gods do? they spend all their time spying on priests masturbating with altar boys.

actually. No. In the book of genesis. God gave man the job of naming all of gods creations.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Tend the garden.
Name the animals.
Tame the world.
Not hard 2 do.

Then evil slithered N.
Disobey God, hate each other
get N2 fights, make every1 take sides
That caused all our misery.

Get back 2 the garden.
Do as God said 2 do.
Be kind, love, share, forgive.
Makes sense 2 me.

Leftists drive ppl to grudges. What good is there in that? Elections here are over. Fix up what Obama ruined.

Melvin Whitcombe, Bill Compton and Stressed are all the same nutjob poster who posts the same nauseating drivel under those screen names and about 75 others, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

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