Can i still take glucosamine that has past expired date?

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Well with glucomsime and Chondroitin you are perectly ok to take them, AS long as they are not liquid as they will spoil.  The pitency will lack a little bit but the longer you wait the worse results can be. 

      It can lead to things like constipation which can be serve.  As the nutrients are not being absorbed but that takes many years.

      Drink a glass of water with it and continue to drink water thought the day because not only is it healthy but helps with several body functions.

     P.S.  Dont push the due date on those as the longer you wait the less potent.  Just talked a physcians assistant who agreed with me that up to about 2 years you should be fine.

      If you notice irregular in terms of bowel movements then discontinue use and buy another another new one.

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