Is global warming a real problem

Is global warming a real concern? Intuitively, after a summer of record heat waves, one would think it is true. But I have read conflicting reports about whether we should really all be going crazy about it or just do what we think is best and relax. Who do we believe?

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It's complicated.  Undecided

Love one another.

yes global warming is a real problem and you can also see that now every season not come on time and even every the season are not same as ther are earlier...

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yes it is such a critical problem

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Over the past thousands of years, the earth's climate has been both much warmer and much colder than it is now. It is very clear from scientific investigations that our climate varies naturally, and the current hysteria that tries to blame human activity (mainly the burning of fossil fuels) for the recent very slight warming trend has no vaild scientific basis. The earth's climate had been slowing warming (with a number of colder and warmer variations) since the end of the last glacial period, which was about 20,000 years ago, so the warming started well before any human activity that is now being blamed for it. The "average" global temperatures have actually reflected a slight cooling trend since the year 2000. While this past summer was warmer than "normal" in some parts of the globe, the previous winter had been colder than normal. So one hot summer does not indicate anything other than the fact that the past summer was hot. No crisis is impending.

yes it is a major problem,  due to the the global warming the glaciers are starting melting resulting in the increment in the sea level. because of this the place near the sea shore get vanished in future year..

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Global warming is a real problem In today's world. Global Warming occurs due to rise in the temperature around the earths atmosphere. Global warming is certainly a global issue that needs a global solution.

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