the word "shanthara" related to which religion?

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I googled it.  I got a redirect to Zaratustra, but you are correct, shanthara is hot air.  It does not appear in any Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu database.  However, it is a foregone conclusuion that Physicalist will create yet another fraudulent screen name to make it sound like it existed.

Such is the deviancy of deranged and fanatical cultists.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

I have never heard the term, although a small and localized Hindu group could have coined the word.  India has over 60 languages and 300 dialects in its vast terrain.  The most popular language in India is American English.

If God does not believe in atheists, then do atheists not exist?

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