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Giving up parental rights

Here's something I want to throw out for someone to ponder, If a person has been divorced for a few years and the one parent that has custody of the two children both being under ten years of age. Should the one parent that does not have custody give up their parental rights since the other parent ( being the mother ) does not want to have anything to do with the other parent ( being the father ) and has not been allowed to see or even talk to the children,, So should the one parent willingly give up their parental rights.
Feed back is very much welcome. 

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Punishing your children to right the wrong being done by your wife is a punk thing to do!  She may be a jerk (although I'm wondering why she's being a jerk), but abandoning your kids would be the height of irresponsible behavior.  Generally, when ex-spouses begin using the children as bargaining chips between them, it's because there is animosity, anger and venom between the two of them.  USUALLY over infidelity!

What do you mean by: "try everything you can do to see them?"  A simple court order will take care of that!  If you don't have one, GET one!  If you have one that she's not honoring, haul her sorry butt back before the judge 6 ways till Sunday, until she realizes that its in her best interest to comply with the court's order.

If you were unfaithful to your wife, the pain of your infidelity is no doubt the cause of her irrational behavior.  But she's responding out of hurt; not a good, sound mind and reasoning. 

If infidelity caused the break-up of your marriage and all of the subsequent aftermath, i advise you to rent the movie: Fireproof (with Kirk Cameron) and watch it.  (It's real corny in some spots and has a real low budget film feel). BUT....the moral of the story is powerful!  And it's one that so many people...male and female...need to see and hear!!!  If after watching that movie you recognize yourself, do what the guy in the movie did.  Your story probably won't have a "they lived happily ever after" ending, but sight unseen I can almost PROMISE you, that you will gain her respect and regain the ground that you need to start seeing your kids again.

If necessary, get a mediator to sit down with the 2 of you (AFTER you've done what the guy in the movie did, IF infidelity was the cause of your divorce), and work out an arrangement and scheduled for your parental days and times with the kids.  (It may mean that a mediator...your sister/her sister, your brother/her brother, her mom/your mom) will need to agree to pick up the kids from her, bring them to you and then take them back to her, to avoid any unnecessary contact between the 2 of you.

It's really a shame when 2 adults can't set their personal feelings aside, long enough to support their innocent children.  The average parent doesn't realize that EMOTIONAL abandonment does the same (if not worse) damage as PHYSICAL abandonment!  Both plant seeds of rejection and abandonment in the child, which everybody pays for later on thru the child's drug addiction, promiscuity, law-breaking and a host of other dysfunctional behaviors.

If she chooses to continue behaving like an immature school girl, YOU be the mature person!  Fight for your KIDS - not to prove any specific point to HER!


If they are your children and you love them, try everything you can do to see them and have a good relationship with them. Try not to talk about their mother or ever speak badly about her to them, as you don't want them to feel disloyal. They will grow up and have a relationship with you, despite what your ex-wife wants. However difficult the situation seems now, try to have a relationship with your children. Parenting is a big responsibility, however the rewards are tremendous.

i dont understand your question

Should? No. There isn't a should here. In fact, I'm not sure you CAN just give up your rights - the state may have something to say about that.

But just because mom doesn't want the kids to see dad doesn't mean dad needs to give up his rights. What he needs to do is go to court and get visiting rights if he wants them. If you are okay with not seeing them, then fine, but you should never have to give up your rights to your children just because someone else decides they don't want you to be with them.

(Exception: The state can sever your rights in the case of abuse if they go to court and a judge decides it's best for the kids.)

I am guessing you are the father and the mother is keeping the children away?

It is very common in divorce especially bitter ones.  PAS parental alienation syndrome   One parent trys to keep kids away or poison them against the other

You should speak to a lawyer   You should have visitation, communication ect


Unfortantly my husband is in this kind of a situation due to a divorce from a very bitter bipolar x wife.  Sometimes when someone has nothing in their life they feel powerful controlling children


Unfortunate for the children

No parent should be pressured to give up their rights.  The only time it should ever be pursued is if the parent doesn't want anything to do with the child and there is someone who does that would like to adopt, or the parent is a proven danger to the child.  And by danger, I don't mean a something that could happen to any parent, I mean true danger.  And just because one parent is being selfish and not letting the other parent see the child(ren) does not mean that parent should just give up.  Once you sign those papers, you have no rights ever concerning that child again.  Think about that before making such a choice, just because you don't want to see the other parent and they are being asses.

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