Is my girlfrined prengant if she is cramping but missing her perion

My girlfriend and i had sex on staurday, today is thursday and she was supposed to start her period yesterday.  For the last couple of days she has had a lot of cramping. I used a condom correctly, but during intercourse i got soft once, could this have caused the condom to slide off a bit and allow her to get pregnant?

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Please take note that pregnancy does not happen that fast in the manner you noted.. one cannot have sex on saturday and assume they are pregnant just 5 days later.. there is a bit of a long process of conception and timing.. it takes about 15 days or so for a woman to become actually pregnant after having intercourse.. and a successful implantation has to take place as well.. if you both have been doing it like that before saturday without any protection there is a possibility of being pregnant but if she is missing just 2 days it could mean her period is changing a cycle.. what I mean is usually some women get their period at the beginning of the month for a time and than all of a sudden later on the cycle changing to different part of the month.. what she can do is wait a full week.. or take a pregnancy test now.. if it shows negative.. wait  6 more days if no period than take a test.. if negative again or positive.. she has to see her ob/gyn.. it just may be her period rearing it's head late..but if you guys have been having unprotected sex for some time.. possibility of pregnancy can be one factor..

If there is a will.. there is a way

thank you! about time someone else knows that it takes a while for a person to actually become pregnant. the only tihng i have to say is it wouldnt show if she was pregnant till after her next period, since as we both said it takes a while for one to be actually prengant. so if she dosent get her next period then she should take a test. well that is unless they have been having sex prior to this once.

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