Why Girlfriend Lies about cheating Truth is Already Staring her in the Face?

My girlfriend seems to have a selective memory.  Even when I have proof of things she still is very adiment about denying it.  She went as far as texting a guy she cheated on me with and calling him a "liar". Really, she is the liar though.  She swore up and down on the Bible on everything that she only kissed this guy.  Then I texted him from her phone and he wrote back are you denying we had sex?  then she was in denial calling him a liar and finally broke down and admitted it was only once.  Then a few days later I texted him from her phone again and he said it was 3-4 times.  The conversation when she broke down to admit it was Twice is below.  She still won't be honest.

Why can't she tell me the truth if I already know the worst part, the betrayal, the deception, etc.  The last truth is her saying she slept with him 4 times instead of 2.  That is the lease of our problems and still she won't admit it. WHY???

I forgave her for cheating and she still lies about details, lies about when they met, lies about how many times they hooked up.  Why can't she be honest. 

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I am sorry that your girlfriend has difficulty being honest with you. I have know girls like this, it completely seems as though your girlfriend honestly believes she cheated just that "one" time. Unfortunately she does not deserve your kindness because all you are doing is creating a life of doubt and continuing mistrust. Good luck with the sitiuation. I wish my boyfriend was as attentive.

This whole thing made me dizzy.  I'm so sorry for you.  Are you both about 15 yrs. old.  That's what it sounds like to me.  I suggest you move on and try to meet someone you can trust.  This relationship seems to be going no where.  Sorry but this is my honest opinion.  Once a cheater and a liar, always will be.

Learn to be a good listner.

Some people don't like to get caught and will deny to the end... your g/f seems to have a problem with honesty alltogether. You chose to forgive her.. although she really doesn't deserve it.

She either doesnt want to hurt you or she doesnt want u to  catch on to her stragedy. Baby, she played u once you know you have to be xtra careful. and on some real shit. you never forget, that is always kept on that back burner and the trust is hard to gain back especially with them lieing repeatedly...

fFlowers , You need to kick this girl to the curb NOW. She has committed infidelity and continues to lie to you about it , she is not sorry , just sorry she got caught . She will not take responsibility for her WRONG behavior . You deserve better treatment don't you think ? If she loved you she would not be sleeping with other men , she would not hurt you the way she is . She should not be the source of your pain and sorrow . She broke the bond of trust , you do not trust one thing that comes out of her mouth and you shouldn't . Good Relationship are built on communication , trust , respect and loyality , you have absolutely none of these with this girl . It is obvious she is not happy in the relationship , she is seeking attention from other men . ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MAKE THIS UNFAITHFUL GIRLFRIEND AN UNFAITHFUL WIFE . Move on with your life , don't spend it wondering who she is with this time , where and doing what . Do yourself another favor see a DR , this Girl is sleeping around , she is putting your life at risk .

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Equus (Thumbs Up!)  I admire the fact that as a man you are able to share your problem. I feel your pain, so sorry.  Leave her she has no respect or love for you she's been lying over and over she is not going to change I know it's hard to leave the person you love but it get's easy with time and trust me you will find someone who will appreciate your love and in return love you back. If you stay with her then you have no pride,no respect for yourself. You deserve much more,   It's not a healthy, happy relationship Where there is no loyalty, trust and respect remember that in the future.   Bless it be, Jackie33k      


Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God.... God is love.

Thanks Jackie , thumbs up back to you , great answer .

S.N.O.T.S. Snotsworth's fair lady snots'quus .... Wild & free protect the mustang !........ Bear down chicago bears!!......Hail purdue go boilers !..... Want a sure thing for your money . Lay it down to a thoroughbred rescue . Bet on life after racing !

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