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My girlfriend is being mentally abused at home, what can i do?

My girlfriend is being mentally abused at home, what can i do?Okay my girlfriend is 17 and she is being mentally and verbally abused. Her mom takes pills everyday and gets very angry at her for nothing and hopes she would burn in hell wont let er leave the house hardly at all. and always puts her down to the lowest and she wants to commit suicide sometimes. And her stepdad is no better. Shes tried calling the cops but i guess she didnt tell them everything. I cant let anything happen to her. what do i do?????


My mom wants to bring the Cops down there and she said if my girlfriend wants to leave that shes offering her a place to stay and the cops cant make her stay at home is this true? Please help me someone. We both do live in north carolina if that helps

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What is the legal age in NC?  Call Child Services Protection

At 17 she is legally still considered a minor and can protected through child services. Give them a call and see what they can do for her. http://law.findlaw.com/state-laws/minors-and-the-law/north-carolina/

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