How can i tell if im having a boy or girl without an ultrasound?

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From your question I understand that you don't want to do any tests not even an ultrasound.  In that case there is no way to find out what is the gender of your baby.  True, people have many ways to guess (Shape, face, behaviour, etc) or intuition but they are all very not accurate.  I wouldn't rely on it.  If you don't want to make an ultrasound (or any other test) better wait for mother nature to tell it to you when it's time.  Actually it's nice to wait 9 month to find out nature's secret.   
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There were lots of "signs"

Like if you were having heartburns it means it's a boy, and if the stomach is round it means it's a boy, but if it's lower it's a girl.

As far as I know they were never proved. BTW ultrasound doesn't always get it either. I know a person who was told it was a boy, and when she insisted the doctor said"If it doesn't fall off it's a boy" but it turned out to be a girl, and the doctor saw a shadow he mistook for a penis.

The surest way  is Amniocentesis (where the doctor inserts a needle to the uterus and takes a sample of the amniotic fluid), but this test is not always common.


A simple blood test can determine the gender. Here you an find more info: 

you could check with amniocentesis..but thats a procedure that is usually done to check for more serious problems...and should NOT be done only to determine the sex of a child,as it carris a small (but still a chance) of causing miscarriage.

I am 5 or 6months pregnant and i juss started going to the doctor. But i still don't know what im having.So i was wnating to know what i was having without an  ultrasound being done..So i can start getting stuff before its to late.

I'm not sure we can help you here...

If you're not willing to check what you're having, I don't think there's a sure way of knowing what it is.

Prepare yourself with neutral colors. I hear green is very popular with both boys and girls. 

The niddle test put the niddle on a string over the plam of your hand and if it move's back & forth it's a boy if the niddle goes in circles it's a girl, the eye lid test look under the lid of your left eye if you see a v it's a girl if nothing it's a boy, the craven's if you are cravin sweet stuff it's a girl if your cravin hot & spicy it's a boy, the belly if your belly is high it's a boy if your belly is low it's a girl, the pencial test take a niddle in the easer part and let it move on it's own just like the niddle on the plam and the ring test just remeber back & forth boy circle girl. All of my test's came back showin a girl i hope i helped ya out. Another way is to do an u/s that is the best way. Other than that if your are early in your pregnancy and you don't want to wait until you are 5 month's pregnant then you can do all of thouse test's and you can also go to JUSTMOMMIES.COM to take a fun quiz

how far along do you have to be to find out if you are having a boy or a girl?

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