Good Gift Ideas for a New Girlfriend?

So, ive been talking to this girl for about 6 weeks now, but with work and school schedules weve only been able to go out on like 3 dates. Well now its really picked up and that first kiss got landed and now its official "dating." So heres the delima. Xmas is like 2 weeks away, and i need ideas for what to get her. Its the worst timing- cause I dont know enough about her yet to get her something profoundly meaningful, but i dont want to do something gay like some scarf from AE or whatever. So, question here is: what are good ideas for a new girlfriend

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You might find that a gift certificate from a good store would allow her to chose what she would like and at the same time always know that it came from you.

If you're not necessarily stuck to buying her something to put under the tree, you can surprise her with a picnic and good music. That shows a lot of thought. If you do want something to put under the tree, try something that you can do together, like a booklet of movie tickets. That shows thought and with a nice card telling her how much you look forward to getting to know her better, she will be extremely thankful.

Family is the best thing in life.

I am in the same Situation and i am going to have a dozen white roses delivered to her. White for the snow and the flowers do not seem like to much but it;s something she can sh ow off.

if you are thinking of buying her stuff. a christmas card, lounge set(robe, pajamas and cute socks) i mean i dont how the weather is in your area. or maybe just sweet smelling bath and body stuff.

or  since you didnt get to spend as much time due to busy schedules..make arrangements to do stuff where you spend more time together or go to places where you can take pictures and they will serve as memories. go to places that allow you to be yourself (concerts, comedy clubs) etc.

Sorry ~ Gift certificates show absolutely no immagination and prove that you do not care enough to put some real thought into the gift. They are so impersonal I want to puke.  They literally say "you are only worth $X dollars" (depending on the denomination of the gift certificate).

My new girlfriend commented on a couple of pictures of roses I took last summer (won a blue ribbon at the county fair with one).  I had them enlarged to 16"x20", matted and put in frames that exactly matched the decor of her bedroom (how cool was THAT???). 

I will combine them with a bottle of her favourite wine, a nice pair of wine glasses and there you have it; Romantic, thoughtful and personal without going overboard. 

She gets to open up several gifts and has a permenant reminder of our first Christmas (not to mention showcasing my obvious photgraphic tallent).  


How about a box of chocolates and a personalized cards.

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