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Getting rid of mold

I really can not stand the smell of bleach, but it seems to be the only product that gets rid of mold in my bathroom. Is there any other effective alternative?

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Try the organic method.

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Actually, the notion that bleach kills mold is false.  It cannot kill the roots of mold if they are growing in a porous material (like tile grout or drywall).  Mold must be removed and then you should use a disinfectant.  We use Benefect Natural Disinfectant at our company.  You can read more about mold removal here: http://www.drymeout.com/chemical-vs-earth-friendly-mold-mildew-cleaners-palm-harbor


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The Mold Damage New Port Richey gang

Getting rid of the mold without using bleach is the best way to go. while chasing down different sources on the net about how to get rid of mold, I stumbled around and ended up trying the concrobium mold products from Home Depot and they have worked great for me.

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